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Sunny - Smart Working: 5 places in Lisbon where to work in a sunny day.

Good Morning people rise and shine on this beautiful sunny day in Lisbon. It's Friday and it means co-work.

Lisbon has an incredible weather all day year long. And that's why it became the Mecca for the digital nomads. I love spending my working hours close to the sunlight, so here you have a list of my favorite place where to work on sunny days. I'd love to hear from you what are your favorite places to work form, please leave a comment below.

1. Selina Roof top

Selina is a hostel chain with many location all over the world. The closest one to my house is in Rua poco dos Negros. Selina Rooftop is a hidden gem in the neighbourhood of santa Caterina. You can easily climb till the 3rd floor rooftop and work there with other digital nomads. They have free internet, tables, couches and and amazing bar. I love to work there case as soon as I can clock out I can get a refreshing beers. Attention: You might find me there way too often.

2. Estrela Park - Banana Cafe

Jardim de Estrela is one of my favorite park in Lisbon in the Banana Cafe inside the park is possible to bring your laptop and work in front of a magic pond, in the shadow of the tropical threes. The wifi connection is strong and fast, the menu is great and if you need to recharge your laptop inside they have all the contacts you need. Banana cafe has many different locations in Lisbon, I advise to check them all. They also organise amazing events so keep an eye on it. It's not all about working.

3. Palms Dr bernard

Costa da Caparica, The other side of Lisbon or how the locals call it, Margem sul. Palms is a beach side restaurant that has been organising cowering days along the ocean. Perfect location for a spring/summer working day where you can enjoy the lunch break on the shore. Easy to reach form Alcantara terra with a bus a walk or a uber. It's totally worth the hustle.

4. APF cafe

APF is a lovely cafe in the hill of Lapa. R. das Trinas 67A, 1200-856 Lisboa On the back it hides and amazing terrace where you can work in peace admiring the beautiful elephants painted on the wall. Their menu is lovely. The only thing they are closed on Monday. They also have a space for kids, and organise events like cloth swaps and comedy nights.

5. Go A Lisboa

New and with an amazing view. Open not more than 3 month ago, this amazing place in Alcantara is the best place where to enjoy your coffee and work. Perfect for sunsets, dinner and night events, it also offer an amazing coconut-berry gin tonic that became my favorite of all time. Trust me you can't miss it. Last but not least my terrace is the closest and most cozy place where to work on a sunny day. Please share with me your favorite place. I'd love to extend the list.

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