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Love is love, even in Qatar.

Qatar is reinforcing anti gays laws in the World Cup 22

How in 2022 can still exist law against homosexuality?!

From the Time: The soccer captains of seven European teams were set to wear rainbow armbands during Qatar’s World Cup to promote a message of LGBTQ inclusion in a nation where homosexuality is illegal. But after facing heat from the sport’s ruling body FIFA, none of them will.

World Cup 2022 just started in Quatar. There are many controversy on this year FIFA World Cup, between these the the impossibility to express sexuality. Indeed all rainbow and pride flags and t-shirt got banned.

In response to this, Stop Homophobia--an association that fights against homosexual discrimination--and Pantone, a supplier of professional color languages and digital solutions, but above all a brand that is committed to defending the LGBT cause, launched “Colors of Love,” a version of the rainbow flag whose colors have been replaced by their Pantone codes.
This allows LGBT people to wave the flag with pride, without the authorities being able to detect it. Flags and shirts displaying the Pantone codes have been made in order to give all those who wish to do so the means to show their pride and/or push back against this repressive law. This case study video from agency TBWA\Paris outlines the campaign.

Thanks to Pantone everyone will have the right and the chance to express their identity.

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