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Keep yourself inspired : 5 arty things to do in Lisbon (November)

One of the most important things about being a graphic designer and illustrator is keeping your mind and eyes always inspired.

The best way to do it, in my opinion, is to go experience different things that might bring new ideas to your mind.

Here I collect 5 artistic things to do in Lisbon during the rainy November! Keep on reading


IDB Lisbon Innovation and Design Building

IDB Lisbon - Innovation and Design Building Lisbon is a place where innovation meets the next generation of office life in Lisbon for our tenants and the city. An inclusive community, where the tenants and visitors are able to connect, collaborate and be inspired. (from IDB Lisbon)

I came across this place on instagram, and it catch quickly my attention so the other day I went to check it out and it's amazing. They organise dj-sets, events, skate and roller skate classes. It's also a great place to take kits.

One more things, beers are cheap.

They have a current exhibition called Letreiro Galeria

Letreiro Galeria's first ever outdoor exhibition is at IDB Rooftop! Entitled “Establishments”, this installation lights up the rooftop with the neons of different commercial establishments and traditional Portuguese words.

PichiAvo // solo exhibition

Starting next Friday 11 November till 30 December 2022 at Underdogs

In the course of their singular practice, the duo formed by the Spanish artists Pichi and Avo (known under the agglutination PichiAvo) has been weaving a skilful reflection based on the unusual – yet functional and appealing – encounter between the languages of contemporary graffiti and classical Greco-Roman art, between the production in outdoor settings (street) and indoor settings (gallery).

Used to Be – a solo show that presents an entirely new body of works – gives continuity to this exploration, with a twist. If PichiAvo's art stems from graffiti and muralism – activities based on the use of the wall and the public space, where ephemerality and chance determine the integrity and the lifespan of the works –, Used to Be synthesises and materialises these issues in the shape of an ingenious staging which places a (simulated) past in dialogue with the present. (from underdogs)

Steve McCurry. ICONS: An Extraordinary Photo Exhibition



Artur Bordalo (Lisbon, 1987) uses as his artist name Bordalo II, which he chose as a tribute to his grandfather, Real Bordalo, in order to promote a continuity and reinvention of his artistic legacy. His work currently focuses on questioning the materialistic and greedy society of which he is (also) a part. (From visitportugal)

Lisbon art weekend 11-13 Nov

Lisbon Art Weekend is a non-profit organisation that aims to contribute to the strengthening and fluidity of the contemporary art scene in the city through merging a diversity of art spaces such as galleries, artist run spaces, private art collections, museums and public projects dedicated to the arts. LAW will organize an annual weekend for art lovers from Portugal and around the world to visit Lisbon and its contemporary art scene and assist to parallel events centered around contemporary visual arts.

LAW’s main objective is to offer to the public of all backgrounds an opportunity to meet and visit Lisbon’s ever growing urban contemporary art scene and experience artworks and performances in their natural habitat. Additionally, LAW strives to offer a framework for discussion through a selection of parallel events. (from Lisbon art weekend)

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