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Chaos after work // Workshop

Chaos after work customise your own and old tote bag, give another chance to your clothes. We make #artwear

Customize your tote bag.

Day 8th dec

From 6pm to 8pm

Price 25€

Preregistration required directly at Amazonas

What’s included:

fabric paint





1 drink

What to bring:

tote bag to customize (if you don’t have it you can purchase it from chaotic ink for 5 €)

gloves (optional but) it can get messy A carton board // plastic sheet about a4 size to insert the tote bag

Description of the workshop.

Starting at 6 soon after work we will welcome you at Amazonas with a drink to smooth out the nerves and prepare ourselves to do some art.

I will be giving you a brief introduction of upcycle

Preparing the canvas: taping the area of work and transferring the design prepared by chaotic ink or the ones you created on the bag. Then painting session and drying.

You can stay longer at Amazonas to enjoy DJs and the good vibes.

For any inquire ig.

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